My Worst Experience Ever with V-Guard Customer Care Service

I have been a user of V-Guard products since many years and currently using voltage stabilizers in many of my household equipment such as in Refrigerator, TV Set, Aquaguard, AC etc. Till I faced a problem in my VG400 Voltage Stabilizer which is connected to Lloyd 1.5 ton AC, I have been under impression that the service of V-Guard is as good as its products but recently I have been proven totally wrong.


My Worst Experience Ever with V-Guard Customer Care Service

My Worst Experience Ever with V-Guard Customer Care Service

From past few days, I have been struggling to switch on my AC as fuse always gets tripped as soon as compressor get switched on due to voltage situation so I decided to get it checked by an electrician. After doing a thorough checking, it was found that there was no problem with the AC as it was running fine without VG400 stabilizer so it had to do something with the stabilizer.

V-Guard VG 400 Stabilizer

I decided to call V-Guard Customer care to check the stabilizer for any possible fault that causing this problem. After registering a complaint, a service agent visited my house and did all the checks and confirmed that there was no problem with the stabilizer. It is the high voltage that is causing fuse to get tripped as soon as we switch on the AC. To prove his point, he switched on AC connected to stabilizer on a low voltage and shown us that it is fine as expected.

While listening to all his points carefully, all the time I was wondering in my mind what is the job of stabilizer then. I wanted to agree with all his points but given the fact that I have the same setup in my another room where I have been using another 1.5 ton Godrej AC connected to VG400 stabilizer from long time and I never faced any such problem, it was hard to believe all those arguments. But honestly, I was not an expert and then decided to confirm all the given reasons with an expert electrician. It is at this point when the service agent asked for the closure code to complete the request.

For those of you who do not know what is closure code, it is basically a 4-digit numeral code like OTP(one-time password) which you will receive in your registered phone number when you raise a product complaint. This code only needs to be given to the service agent when you are satisfied with the service.

So, coming back to the point I refused to share the code as my problem was not resolved and asked him to wait till I confirm the reasons given with an electrician. Service agent reluctant to wait immediately left the place without confirming anything. After few hours, I noticed that I have received a message in my registered phone number which said closure code regenerated and after sometime I received an email in my registered email id thanking me for giving a 5-star rating to the service.

While I was totally in shock after seeing all this breach in trust as it was clearly evident that somebody regenerated the closure code from backend and closed the request without my approval. But I kept my calm and decided to call customer care service to enquire about this incident. After talking with customer care agent, I came to the understanding that they are least cared about the breach in trust and only focusing on raising requests for product related complaints. So they raised another service request for fixing the issue with product and till now there is no response.

This response gave me another shock as this directly means that whatever review and feedback we see out there about their service, possibility is that it is all fake and bogus and probably generated by the service agents itself. This also raises a question on misuse of our trust. If they can regenerate a code on our behalf and can given 5 star rating then I wonder what else they can do with all the information they have.

My suggestion to you all to be prepared if something like this happens to you as it happened with me. I just hope V-Guard look into this type of loopholes and try to make their process better so that customer like us does not have to suffer.

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