Does amount deducted from FASTag without utilizing Toll Services?

Did you received any message that says certain amount got deducted from your FASTag without utilizing toll services ? If yes, then you need to read this article to know more about this issue. Recently, I was also in shock when I received the alert that certain amount got deducted from my FASTag account from certain toll plaza while I am still in my home with my car parked in parking bay with FASTag attached. To verify the deduction, I logged in to my Kotak FASTag account and found that it is indeed correct and amount got deducted from my account.


Does amount deducted from FASTag without utilizing Toll Services?

Does amount deducted from FASTag without utilizing Toll Services?

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If you are thinking what it means then let me clarify this point first, FASTag is tagged with your vehicle registration number so whenever your vehicle crosses any toll plaza, the RF scanner at the toll plaza will scan the FASTag, deduct the amount for the vehicle registered with that tag and then only it will let you pass through that toll plaza.

Initially I thought if my car got stolen so I immediately opened CCTV camera live footage and noticed that my car is still parked. Then I thought may be someone stole my FASTag so I immediately rushed towards my car to check but i noticed my FASTag is still intact. After thinking for a while about this problem, I decided to check this with customer service and fortunately found a help line number 180030069090 (this number might be different for you depending on your FASTag service provider) to contact and check about this deduction.

Once I contacted the helpline, they registered this issue and raised a request to refund the amount in 15 days if found genuine. So the process to check and verify this problem is that once a request is raised, authorized persons will verify the CCTV footage of the Toll Plaza to see if the vehicle registered with the FASTag indeed crossed the toll at the mentioned time period or not. If not, then they will initiate the refunding of the amount. So if you are wondering how service request will look like then here is an example from Kotak FASTag sent to my registered email id.

When I asked about the reason for the deduction, then they explained that sometimes when a vehicle does not have FASTag working due to some issue then the person at the Toll Plaza gate will manually enter the vehicle number after taking the required amount. While entering the vehicle number, they might do the mistake and enter incorrect vehicle number which might belong to someone that results in deduction of amount for that registered vehicle instead of the one utilizing the toll services. This issue was new to me so I had to listen what he has to say and believe his words as I did not had any other choice.

Later on, after 12 days, I again received a response stating that my request is closed and the amount deducted has been reversed back to the wallet as you can also see below. I hope this gives you a good idea on how to deal with this kind of situations if you also happen to face this.

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