Does Organizations has to be rude with laid off employees?

It is very unfortunate to see that now a days employers has becoming unnecessarily rude with laid off employees after terminating their job positions in the Organization. Firstly employer will abruptly terminate the job position without giving any heads up or notifying anything and then behave rudely when it comes to discussion about the actions taken. It has almost become a new normal now a days and after all this employers expect remaining workforce to give their everything daily to make organizations consistently profitable.

Although in many occasions there are no reasons given whatsoever but I did noticed fewer times, it has been said that this decision has been taken to make organization drive the new path towards its goal. I was wondering if firing an employee will take organization to the right path or is it just some immediate cost cutting?


Does Organizations has to be rude with laid off employees?

Does Organizations has to be rude with laid off employees?

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While I understand hiring and firing is always being done in any organization but this makes more sense when your organization consistently struggling to survive or if it is a loss making organization. But when it is done by some profitable organizations then I start to think if there was no way out apart from firing an employee? Did organization explored the idea of allowing employee to search new positions internally? Did organization does not found it right to discuss with employee first and give a chance to learn new skillsets as per new requirement if there is any rather that just firing?

Sometimes it has also been observed that after doing few round of layoffs, some of the organizations immediately starts hiring for newly created positions. I have myself encountered such unruly behavior from human resources team in one of my previous organization as if I did not contributed to the growth of organization. You may have noticed that during result season, organization always thanks to their workforce for their contribution in profitable growth but everything seems to vanish when you are laid off.

Companies tends to make lot of rules for different conducts but I barely see any rules framed for handling layoffs. I still remember the day when I was working as a consultant in a private company and my job role was eliminated then I was told to complete my notice period but one day suddenly when I went to office, I noticed that Infra team removed my workplace assets unexpectedly before even completion of my notice period and did not intimidated me. When I asked more about that I got very rude reply which was very shocking and I suddenly felt as a stranger where everyone claimed once to be a team member.

To handle situation like this, there must be a policy which has been communicated to employees within the organization so that before joining an employee must know how they are going to be treated in case one day company has to take the extreme step. While there is a clear rule for employees to be in notice period but I see those lacking for laid off employees where company almost dictate the situation as per the convenience. I believe this kind of scenarios where organization does not have any choice but to lay off their employee is suppose to be handled very sensitively instead of just throwing them like a garbage.

At least I understand the pain of being laid off and I certainly know how it felt when your working organization suddenly starts behaving rude after the layoff, whole world goes upside down. Sadly this is how things are as of now. I am certainly very hopeful that organization will soon start looking into it and make some policies to handle it better as no one has any right to rude with anyone else especially in a place where employee behavior reflects the organization values. What do you think about this? Let me know your opinion in this matter.

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