Are you struggling with last minute cab cancellation?

Many of you might be struggling with last minute cab cancellation from cab service provider like OLA and Uber. If that is so then let me explain you about a reliable alternative option which has been tried and tested by me for sometime now and seems to be working fine. It is possible that in future the services of alternative option that I am going to explain you might degrade but who knows about future. I will tell you about my present experience and how I came know about this option. I am sure this will greatly benefit you.


Are you struggling with last minute cab cancellation?

Are you struggling with last minute cab cancellation?

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Getting a cab to go somewhere urgently is quite common for people like us but this gets ruined when you book a cab and driver cancel your ride by giving xyz reasons. This creates lot of problems and in some cases heavy losses if we do not reach our destination on time. Unfortunately, till now this is not understood by cab services provider and hence no responsibility or accountability is taken. As a result, we would end up wondering what driver will do next.

By now, I think everyone knows how their customer redressal system works and how all the customer concerns goes unnoticed. Lately, I have observed lot of customers putting their complain on Twitter and some of the cab service providers seems to be responding also, may be to just show wider audiences that they are so much concerned. But in reality we barely get any help or any action taken on drivers. As a result drivers seems to be doing as they like.

This becomes even more challenging for young adults, women and all old age people who depends on cab services for commuting to market, school, office and other places. If there is any untoward incident happened with them during the commute then there will be no one taking responsibility as many of us observed the same in the past.

To get rid of all these issues, I would suggest choosing Savaari car rentals services for doing all kind of commute. I have found the price reasonable and if you pay the full price well before the start of your journey then there is complete assurance of cab availability without any cancellation or other excuse given. I have also found their customer care more responding than others and till now I have got positive response only.

It is however important to mention here that in comparison to cab services, you have to do the booking in Savaari well before the time. You can check more about their services on official website. It is also important to mention here that this is not some kind of advertisement, I am only sharing my personal experience with you all. It is totally up to you decide to take it or not. Hope this helps you !!

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